Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Further context consideration

Some shots taken in MMU photography studio which details my work within a different context. The box frames indict an interiors direction, with some of this work beinng displayed within a home environment

degree show preparation

Here are some images of my final resolved pieces that will be showcased at my degree show

Saturday, 29 May 2010

new old new

Thinking of different contexts, I have had some shots taken of my work with an old 35mm film camera.
Looking back at the photographs given to me by my Grandfather, I wanted to create a series of my own, and instead of shooting the scenery, I have made a nostalgic coastal scene my own. This small scene details my most relevant and successful work throughout the year and combining new imagery with old equipment and i have created a relationship with my concept and content.
The pieces within the white box frames are to suggest possible framing techniques which I have considered for my portfolio unit. This type of aesthetic could be considered within an interiors context for the home, which is rather commercial for some of my other work, but I think some pieces have proved to be quite versatile.

realistic scenery

These two pieces capture the realistic imagery observed on my visits. Through the use of intense hand stitch, I have captured a stilled composition, providing the viewer with a scene, inviting them on my personal journey with he coastal landscape.
They will work together to create a complete image, and i will be displaying them in my degree show.

A celebration of hand stitch

Embroidery pieces that I am using for my degree show. They demonstrate the marks and colours that I was inspired by on my Scottish coastal visits. Mixing my stitch quality and techniques, I have recreated the abstract scenery and provide the viewer with an isight into my personal fascinations with vast colour transformation and immediacy.

sketchbook work

Over the year, most of my drawing and visual research was contained within sketchbooks. For my portfolio, I decided to scan in some of my most relevant pieces which show my development, use of colour and observations.